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Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Sunglasses

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We all know that sunglasses look really cool and have become a fun fashion accessory but do you know the real reasons you should be wearing sunglasses? As you (hopefully) know, our Sun puts out extremely harmful Ultraviolet radiation, called UV rays for short. 

These UV rays are to blame for the occurrence of several eye related problems, such as macular degeneration, cataracts, pingueculae, pterygium, and general retinal damage. Aside from these medical conditions, UV rays are also the number one cause of wrinkles and premature aging of the skin, especially the delicate skin around the eyes. For these reasons alone, it is recommended you wear sunglasses that provide 100% protection against UV rays anytime you find yourself outdoors.

The above reasons are not the only ones for protecting your eyes with sunglasses though- there are a number of others. One of these alternate reasons is that sunglasses protect your eyes from dust, debris, and wind. We know how bad it hurts when even the tiniest speck of sand gets blown into our sensitive eyes! Conjunctivitis isinflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye and wearing sunglasses can greatly reduce your chances of experiencing this uncomfortable ailment. 

People who are prone to allergies can also reduce their chances of having an episode with the assistance of sunglasses because they are actively blocking allergens such as pet dander, pollen, and ragweed from entering their eyes. Sunglasses act as a barrier against the elements, keeping things out that don’t belong anywhere near your eyes.

When driving, performing outdoor activities, or just spending long periods of time outside, sunglasses are not only crucial for the protection of UV rays but also for their glare reducing abilities. Glare can be especially dangerous when driving a car, motorcycle, boat, or even skiing because almost every surface acts as a light reflector and without a barrier, that reflected light comes bounces right back into your eyes causing an extremely bright reflection which can affect your vision or even distract you from the road ahead. 

Polarized glasses are an asset for people who drive short or long distances or people who enjoy outdoor water

activities where they find themselves looking into the water. If you like the look of mirror lenses, you are in luck because those are also effective at reducing glare,though not as much as polarized ones.

When people are in very bright areas without anything protecting their eyes they may find themselves squinting more than normal in an effort to minimize the amount of bright light entering their pupils. When we do this, it wears on the muscles around our eyes and constricts the pupil, which can quickly cause eyestrain and headaches. When we wear sunglasses in these bright conditions, we are lowering the amount of light that reaches our pupils to a much more manageable and safe amount and therefore eliminating our need to constantly squint.

As mentioned before, it is recommended to wear sunglasses anytime you find yourself outdoors for whatever reason but it is especially important during the summer months because the radiation emitted from the UV rays is about three times higher during this time compared to the winter months. Also especially important to wear them anytime you are doing water activities of any type, whether swimming at the beach or fishing at a pond. Water is one of the most reflective surfaces you will ever encounter and it doesn’t take long for the light reflecting off the water into your eyes to cause retinal/pupil damage. 

Anyone who has ever undergone cataract surgery, has a high incidence of developing cataracts in their family history, or individuals who are required to take photo-sensitizing drugs, such as antibiotics, antihistamines, diuretics, acne medications, and cancer chemotherapy treatments, should be Sun conscious at all times and along with wearing sunblock should also wear sunglasses anytime they find themselves outdoors because UV rays enter through your eyes just as easy as they enter through your skin.

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